Fertilization & Weed Control Services in Rolling Meadows, IL & Northwest Suburbs

With Riverstone’s fertilization and weed control treatments, your lawn in Rolling Meadows and surrounding areas in Illinois can get the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and lush throughout the year. We proudly offer lawn fertilization and weed control in Rolling Meadows and its nearby communities.  

Professional Lawn Fertilization Services in Rolling Meadows, IL and Northwest Suburbs
In addition to weed control, most lawns in Rolling Meadows and nearby communities need fertilizer to reach their full potential. Fertilizer replaces and restores the natural nutrients found in your soil, so that your lawn can grow and remain lush and healthy.

Our team of experienced lawn care experts in Rolling Meadows, Illinois will create a fertilization schedule that takes into account your soil condition, type of grass, and weather conditions in the area. 

Seasonal Weed Control For Lawns In Rolling Meadows, Illinois and Northwest Suburbs

In Rolling Meadows, Illinois and surrounding areas of the suburbs of Chicago, several common weeds plague our lawns in certain seasons. Grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail can appear in the early spring months, nutsedge shows up more in the Summer, and broadleaf weeds can appear throughout the warmer months.

We provide complete lawn applications to eliminate these weeds before they emerge, as well as spot treatments if any should appear. Before a treatment, your Riverstone weed control specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn to identify any existing weeds or conditions that may be conducive for weed growth.

Quality Lawn Care & Weed Control Products

Not all products are created equal. Like with anything in life you get what you pay for.  With lawn care products, there are high-quality products that yield maximum performance and then there are inferior products that give sub-par results.  At Riverstone Landscaping of Rolling Meadows, we have spent many hours studying and researching our products to make sure they give you the best results.  Many times, those products cost more than the products our competitors use.  But we want the best for you and your lawn in Rolling Meadows, Illinois and nearby cities.