Core Aeration Services In Rolling Meadows, Illinois & Northwest Suburbs

Lawn aeration in Rolling Meadows is the process of loosening compacted soil by creating pockets in the soil. These pockets are created one of two ways. The first way is by stabbing the soil with a tine, or steel spike. The second is by removing a complete plug (soil core).

At Riverstone Landscaping of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, we solely use core aeration. Core aeration allows the soil walls to settle in the removed plug’s spaces. If we don’t remove the plug and simply stab a spike into the ground, we’re only compacted the soil further.

Allowing the soil to settle like this has a lot of benefits for your lawn, such as:

  • Reduces water runoff
  • Improves soil nutrient distribution (water & fertilizer)
  • Promotes thicker grass growth
  • Prevents soil erosion

Best Time to Aerate Lawn In Rolling Meadows, IL and Northwest Suburbs

Although aerating in spring is certainly acceptable in the Rolling Meadows area, fall is absolutely the best time in our area. Your lawn’s root system is actively growing in the fall and aerating your lawn gives them the air and room they need.

Since seeding is often done with aeration, this is another reason fall is best. Fall seeding has a much greater opportunity for success than those done in spring and summer. We typically recommend aerating for mid-September through mid-October for the best results.

When aerating in the spring, it is best to do so BEFORE you apply your spring pre-emergents. The holes from the aerator will break any barriers that the pre-emergents have set up, making your lawn more susceptible to.

Lawn Seeding Service Rolling Meadows, Illinois & Northwest Suburbs

Want an inexpensive way to get a new, lush lawn in Rolling Meadows or its surrounding communities? Consider using Riverstone Landscaping! If your lawn is unhealthy, has dead patches, or if you need an entire property seeded, our seeding service will bring vitality back to your grass. If your lawn has been resistant to seeding in the past, we can use hydromulch to help retain moisture and dramatically increase the likelihood of your lawn’s successful growth.

Lawn Overseeding Services in Rolling Meadows, IL & Northwest Suburbs

A key component of any lawn care program in Rolling Meadows  involves providing the grass with new growth to supplement the existing grass and root system. This is done via overseeding, which is best done in the fall for optimal results.  Riverstone Landscaping offers multiple types of grass seed for different conditions: sunny grass seed, shade grass seed, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue grass seed, economy grass seed, perennial rye, and more.

During aeration and overseeding, we correct the compacted soil problem and put down new seeds so that your lawn gets new life and is restored to its former glory. Other benefits of overseeding your Rolling Meadows’ lawn in the fall include:

  • New grass can replace bare patches of soil.
  • It makes the lawn stronger and increases its ability to fight off lawn diseases and insects.
  • The lawn is greener and brighter when the new growth begins.
  • The grass will also be able to hold off weed invasions more efficiently.

Dethatching Lawn Service Rolling Meadows

If you are seeing a good deal of gray or dead grass under your live grass you may want to consider our dethatching services to remove some of the dead grass. A small amount of thatching (dead grass clippings) is healthy for your lawn and protects it by assisting in keeping the soil moist but over time if this builds up the excessive thatch can actually harm your lawn by blocking water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil.

In extreme cases where the thatch is thicker than 1/2 inch deep it can actually cause the grass to grow in the thatch instead of the soil which can cause further problems.

What's Included in Our Dethatching Services?

 Professional Thatching Equipment 

  • Pull Behind dethatcher for open areas
  • Walk Behind dethatcher for gated areas
  • Thatching rakes for hard to get areas

Dethatching Cleanup

  • Raking Excess Thatch from Premises
  • Leaf Blow Lawn, Driveway & Sidewalk
  • Removal of Thatch from Property

Recommended Next Steps:

  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Over-seeding

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